Coffee & Tea

Eight vials of loose tea, each with a Hanukkah gift tag tied to the top, displayed on a painted wood background.

Eight Nights of Tea

Looseleaf tea sampler, with lovely packaging. From Rozalia Crafts (Etsy).

Countertop display with package insert, box, and small pouch of looseleaf tea. Box reads "Jack's Tea. I have a little kettle, enjoy 8 nights of tea."

Another Eight Nights of Tea

Looseleaf tea pouches. This one has cute themed packaging ("I have a little kettle, Enjoy 8 nights of tea") From Union Jacks Tea (Etsy).

8 individual bags of coffee in a row. Each package is a different color and flavor.

Eight Mornings of Coffee

Gift box features 8 bags of flavored coffee, including Cafe Cinnamon and Jelly Donut (but also, in a confusing holiday mashup, Toffee Matzo). From Amazon.