Gift Packaging

Eight numbered bags hanging on ribbon garland over white background.

Hanukkah Gift Bag Garland

Numbered gift bags on a garland swag - it's gift wrap AND decoration! From Modern Tribe.

Image shows beige gift bags with sparkly blue number 1-8 on a blue background.

Customizable Gift Bags

Simple numbered gift bags that you can re-use from year-to-year. Bags are available in three sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x12) for gifts small and large (or at least, moderately large). You can also select your own color in glitter or non-glitter options - great for people who want more than just blue/white options everywhere they look. From PartyArtCommunity on Etsy.

Wood rack displays dark blue curved gift boxes. Some boxes display numbers, others show star, menorah, or dreidel decoration.

Hanukkah Gift Boxes

Gift boxes that ship flat and fold origami-like into 3x3x3 boxes. Comes in several shades of blue and ships flat. From 3JMamaDesigns on Etsy.

Rectangular box with tissue paper circles numbered 1-8.

Eight Night "Punch" Box

This shoebox-sized package is excellent for packing up and sending to a college student, grandkid, or anyone you want to gift with your own custom 8-pack. Unlike the other packaging, though, this one is not reusable - once you "punch" open each night, it's open. From Target.